Kaplumbaga Kayaliklari – Private rock climbing tour for beginners and Intermediates in Istanbul

KaplumbagaKayaliklari16Kaplumbaga Kayaliklari – Turtle cliffs is the first place for rock climbing near to city center of Istanbul. The area was explored by painter Emin Turan in 2015. Then Sonmez Erkaya and Oruc Karacik started their studies with the idea that this area might be suitable for rock climbing.

KaplumbagaKayaliklari04The presence of two small turtle during the studies inspired them to name this place. These cliffs are very close to the beach. We usually swim here after a long climbing day in the summer.

As the routes are new, please pay attention to their cleaning and maintenance. Do not try to climb when it is rainy and the rocks are wet. There are currently 10 Sports Climbing Routes in the region. Difficulty levels typically weigh between 5 and 8 degrees.

KaplumbagaKayaliklari07No previous experience is necessary to participate on this trip. Even if you’ve never climbed before, you’ll be amazed by what you can achieve under the instruction of a qualified guide. Participants do not require any prior knowledge about belaying and tying knots. You do not even require any indoor rock climbing experience either. Throughout this trip you will be secured on a safe top rope.

Price per person (Max 4 people)

Group of 150 EUR
Group of 230 EUR
Group of 330 EUR
Group of 430 EUR

Price includes

Included Guiding fee
Included Climbing equipment


Fitness level requiredOpen to everyone
Where will we meetHaciosman Metro Station. We will meet here and will go to the area by public transport.
Trip DurationHalf Day
Offer PeriodThe area is suitable for climbing year-round, the March-June and September-November periods are considered optimal.
Kaplumbaga Kayaliklari AddressDemirci, 34450 Sariyer/İstanbul
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• Entering is free.
• Although we bring some of our own food, there are restaurants around the beach. Food & Beverage might be expensive compared to other places in the city.
• Please, bring sun protection cream, comfortable clothes, shoes and thin socks
• There is toilet in restaurant near beach.
• For those looking to extend climbing for more than one day, camping is also possible in the area. Please inform us in advance to arrange camping gear like tent, stow etc. and shopping for food.
• The area is very close to the beach. We usually swim here after a long climbing day in the summer. So its good idea to bring your swim suit and towel along with you if you would like to swim.

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    About the Guide


    Mountaineering Federation of Turkey Trainer, Sport Climbing Referee and Sport Climbing Route Maker. For many years, he has been continuing mountaineering and rock climbing together. There have been activities in almost all mountains of our country and abroad as follows…

    Agri, Cilo Resko, Suphan, Aladaglar, Kackarlar, Erciyes, Hasandagi, Sultan Mountains, Giden Gelmez Mountains, Ilgaz, Uludag, Erek, Palandoken, Bolkarlar, Dedegol, Taurus Mountains etc.

    Abroad… Korjenevskaya, Ismail Somoni (Ex-name Communism), Peak Lenin, Khan Tengri, Kilimanjaro, Demavend, Elbrus, Kazbek, Mont Blanc, Materhorn, Jungfrau (first Turkish climb), Wissechijen (first Turkish climb)

    He is still an instructor and mentor in many institutions, organizations, schools (universities, colleges), associations, sports complexes. His interviews, articles and news have been published in some magazines and newspapers. Rock climbing, education and teaching programs have been broadcasted on nearly 10 TV channels. In places like Ballikayalar, Harmankaya and Zekeriyakoy, he has opened nearly 70 sports routes in climbing sectors. He is the founder and chairman of Klosdag mountaineering club. He is a father to a girl. The philosophy of himself is based on the principle of “learning and teaching…” He continues his work and development actively.

    in 2018 he joined Turkish Alpine Club’s National High Altitude Climbing Team and completed climbing of Korzhenevskaya (7105 m) & Communism peak (7495 m.) successfully.

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